List of symbols

Symbol Name of the symbol Unit
$K_s$ factor depending on bar shape $\mathrm{ }$
$Q_{max}$ flow $\mathrm{m^3/s}$
$b$ clear spacing between bars $\mathrm{mm}$
$g$ gravitational acceleration $\mathrm{m/s^2}$
$h$ clear height $\mathrm{mm}$
$h_t$ loss of head through racks $\mathrm{m}$
$t$ thickness of bars $\mathrm{mm}$
$v$ velocity of flow through trash rack, computed gross area $\mathrm{m/s}$
$w$ clear width $\mathrm{mm}$
$α$ angle of bar inclination to horizontal $\mathrm{°}$
$ζ$ loss coefficient $\mathrm{ }$