Please carefully read the following terms. Use of this website application means that you accept all the below mentioned conditions. Do not use our products if you do not agree or do not fulfill these conditions.

- Use of this application on provided that the computer on which the application is running, is your own or under your control.
- The application is compatible in the recommended browser "Chrome" on desktop computers and "Microsoft Windows" operating system.

Extension, new versions
- The producer may issue various extension modules or new versions. All these supplements are upgraded automatically from web pages of the producer.

Actions which are not permitted
- Circumventing or deleting in any way protection of those parts of the application which are locked for displaying.
- Circumventing or deleting in any way protection preventing unauthorized use of the application.
- Copying and using the algorithms and procedures included in this application for the purpose of development of other application.
- Any distribution of this application (or its parts) in return for payment.
- Providing any information (particularly the user data) which could lead to unauthorized use of the application by a third party.

Liability for damage
This technical and engineering application is designed for professional workers. Application should not be used as the only device design tool. This application is designed to facilitate initial device designs. It cannot in any way replace expert opinions or material and safety tests. The producer is, therefore, not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by errors in the application or due to its incorrect use, even in cases where the producer or his contractual partners is warned that such damage may arise. The user agrees with this level of risks.

The producer is not responsible for trouble-free operation of the application. The only chance of remedy is that the producer will try to correct any possible defects and resolve the problems at his discretion.