List of symbols

Symbol Name of the symbol Unit
$ $ type of loading $\mathrm{ }$
$B$ nominal width $\mathrm{mm}$
$D_i$ nominal diameter $\mathrm{mm}$
$D_o$ nominal outside diameter $\mathrm{mm}$
$F$ bearing load $\mathrm{N}$
$L_H$ bearing service life $\mathrm{h}$
$N$ rotational speed $\mathrm{1/min}$
$N_{osz}$ oscillating movement frequency $\mathrm{1/min}$
$Q$ permissible number of cycles $\mathrm{ }$
$U$ sliding speed $\mathrm{m/s}$
$U_{max}$ maximum sliding speed $\mathrm{m/s}$
$Z_T$ total number of cycles $\mathrm{ }$
$\overline{p}$ specific load $\mathrm{MPa}$
$\overline{p}U$ $ \overline{p}U $ factor $\mathrm{MPa\cdot m/s}$
$\overline{p}U_{max}$ maximum $ \overline{p}U $ value $\mathrm{MPa\cdot m/s}$
$\overline{p}U_{mod}$ modified $ \overline{p}U $ value $\mathrm{MPa\cdot m/s}$
$\overline{p}_{dyn,max}$ maximum dynamic load $\mathrm{MPa}$
$\overline{p}_{lim}$ specific load limit $\mathrm{MPa}$
$\overline{p}_{sta,max}$ maximum static load $\mathrm{MPa}$
$a_B$ bearing size factor $\mathrm{ }$
$a_E$ high load factor $\mathrm{ }$
$a_L$ life correction constant $\mathrm{ }$
$a_M$ mating surface material factor $\mathrm{ }$
$a_T$ temperature application factor $\mathrm{ }$
$φ$ angular displacement $\mathrm{°}$