List of symbols

Symbol Name of the symbol Unit
$ $ Hardened material 1 $\mathrm{ }$
$ $ Hardened material 2 $\mathrm{ }$
$C_E$ material coefficient $\mathrm{\cfrac{1}{MPa}}$
$C_c$ coefficient according to load $\mathrm{ }$
$D_1$ sphere diameter $ D_1 $ $\mathrm{mm}$
$D_1$ diameter of spherical socket $\mathrm{mm}$
$D_1$ cylinder diameter $ D_1 $ $\mathrm{mm}$
$D_1$ diameter of cylindrical socket $\mathrm{mm}$
$D_2$ sphere diameter $ D_2 $ $\mathrm{mm}$
$D_2$ cylinder diameter $ D_2 $ $\mathrm{mm}$
$E_1$ Young's modulus for $ E_1 $ $\mathrm{MPa}$
$E_2$ Young's modulus for $ E_2 $ $\mathrm{MPa}$
$F$ total force $\mathrm{N}$
$HB_1$ hardness for $ HB_1 $ $\mathrm{HB}$
$HB_2$ hardness for $ HB_2 $ $\mathrm{HB}$
$K_D$ dimensional coefficient $\mathrm{mm}$
$L$ length $\mathrm{mm}$
$S_F$ safety factor $\mathrm{ }$
$S_{y-1}$ the minimum yield strength for $ S_{y-1} $ $\mathrm{MPa}$
$S_{y-2}$ the minimum yield strength for $ S_{y-2} $ $\mathrm{MPa}$
$b$ diameter of sphere contact area $\mathrm{mm}$
$p$ load per unit length $\mathrm{N/mm}$
$ν_1$ Poisson's ratio for $ ν_1 $ $\mathrm{ }$
$ν_2$ Poisson's ratio for $ ν_2 $ $\mathrm{ }$
$σ_H$ allowable Hertz pressure $\mathrm{MPa}$
$σ_c$ contact stress $\mathrm{MPa}$