List of symbols

Symbol Name of the symbol Unit
$H$ geopotential altitude $\mathrm{m}$
$H_b$ lower limit geopotential altitude $\mathrm{m}$
$H_p$ pressure scale height $\mathrm{m}$
$M$ air molar mass at sea level $\mathrm{kg\cdot kmol^{-1}}$
$N_A$ Avogadro constant $\mathrm{kmol^{-1}}$
$R$ specific gas constant $\mathrm{J\cdot K^{-1}\cdot kg^{-1}}$
$R^*$ universal gas constant $\mathrm{J\cdot K^{-1}\cdot kmol^{-1}}$
$S$ Sutherland's empirical coefficients $ S $ $\mathrm{K}$
$T$ temperature $ T $ $\mathrm{K}$
$T_b$ lower limit temperature $\mathrm{K}$
$a$ speed of Sound $\mathrm{m/s}$
$g$ gravitational acceleration $\mathrm{m/s^2}$
$h$ height above sea level $\mathrm{m}$
$l$ mean free path of air particles $\mathrm{m}$
$n$ air number density $\mathrm{m^{-3}}$
$p_b$ lower limit pressure $\mathrm{Pa}$
$p_{air}$ atmospheric pressure air $\mathrm{Pa}$
$r$ nominal earth's radius $\mathrm{m}$
$v̄$ mean air-particle speed $\mathrm{m/s}$
$β$ temperature gradient $ β $ $\mathrm{K\cdot m^{-1}}$
$β_s$ Sutherland's empirical coefficients $ β_s $ $\mathrm{kg\cdot m^{-1}\cdot s^{-1}\cdot K^{-1/2}}$
$γ_{air}$ specific weight air $\mathrm{kg\cdot m^{-2}\cdot s^{-2}}$
$κ$ adiabatic index $\mathrm{ }$
$λ$ thermal conductivity $\mathrm{W\cdot m^{-1}\cdot K^{-1}}$
$μ$ dynamic viscosity $\mathrm{kg\cdot m^{-1}\cdot s^{-1}}$
$ν$ kinematic viscosity $\mathrm{m^2\cdot s^{-1}}$
$ρ_{air}$ density air $\mathrm{kg/m^3}$
$σ$ effective collision diameter of an air molecule $\mathrm{m}$
$φ$ latitude $\mathrm{°}$
$ω$ air-particle collision frequency $\mathrm{Hz}$