Thickness of shells under internal pressure for Toriconical Heads

Toriconical Head D D i L a r t s t s
Toriconical Head

Values for calculation

$P$ $\mathrm{MPa}$
$T$ $\mathrm{°C}$
$D$ $\mathrm{mm}$
$α$ $\mathrm{°}$
$t_s$ $\mathrm{mm}$
$r$ $\mathrm{mm}$
$S$ $\mathrm{MPa}$


Inside diameter of the conical portion of a toriconical head at its point of tangency to the knuckle, measured perpendicular to the axis of the cone

$$D_i=D-2\cdot r\cdot\left(1-\cos{α}\right)$$

Crown radius


Factor $ M $


Minimum required thickness of head after forming

$$t=\max\left(\cfrac{P\cdot D_i}{2\cdot\cos{α}\cdot\left(S\cdot E-0.6\cdot P\right)}, \cfrac{P\cdot L\cdot M}{2\cdot S\cdot E-0.2\cdot P}\right)$$

$$t_s\geq t$$


$$r > 0.06\cdot D$$$$r > 3\cdot t_s$$